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Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy 

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Bowel preparation for colonoscopy is unpleasant, but must be done correctly in order for the doctor to see the lining of the bowel clearly. If the bowel preparation instructions are not followed exactly, the view of the bowel will be obscured, abnormalities may be missed and the procedure (and bowel prep) may need to be repeated.

The bowel preparation contains a strong laxative that quickly eliminates solid waste from the bowel, resulting in diarrhoea. If you are passing cleanish fluid without and faecal matter (flakes or lumps) then your bowel will be adequately cleared of faeces.

We use two types of bowel preparation in our practice, MOVIPREP or PLENVU. The timing of your bowel prep will depend on when your procedure is booked for. Your doctor will have told you at the time of booking the procedure which bowel preparation is required for you.

Click on the bowel prep your doctor has asked you to use:

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