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HepHub database

All you need for storing data and more. This is where the collaborative process begins. Not only is the HepHub database a useful site to store your data securely, it also provides important outputs that you will use in every day practice. Including:

  • Fibroscan reports (automated and personalised to your institution)

  • Fibrosis Risk scores (FIB4, FORNS and APRI)

  • Hepatiocellular carcinoma risk scores (for hepatitis B and C)

  • Management plans

  • Automated letters to primary care physicians and specialist physicians

HepHub database access

In order to gain access to HepHub database you will initially need to request access through the following application process. You will then be given your unique username and ID to gain access to the database.

Currently restricted to Australia

Already a member


Thank you for being one of our collaborative parners. To access the HepHub database just click and go !

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Currently restricted to Australia

Interested in learning more ?


If you are interested in learning more, click below and see what HepHub can offer you.

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